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... and as usual, a few of my favorite quotes:

"Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over
it became a butterfly."

"Enthusiasm is
the electricity of life.
How do you get it?
You act enthusiastic
until you make a habit.
Enthusiasm is natural;
it is being alive, taking the initiative, seeing the importance of what you do, giving it dignity, and
making what you do
important to yourself
and to others.
— Gordon Parks

“Most of our obstacles would melt away if, instead of cowering before them, we make up our minds to walk boldly through them!.
— Orison Marden

"And the day came
when the risk to remain tight in a bud was
more painful than
the risk it took
to blossom."

— Anais Nin

The power that various events, people, and problems have over you is determined by how you process information. Any time you come from a position of fear or anger, you suffer."
— Bridgett Walther

“Experience is not what happens to a man. It is what a man does with what happens to him..”
— Aldous Huxley

“An optimist is a person who sees a green light everywhere, while a pessimist sees only
the red stoplight.
The truly wise person
is color-blind.”

— Albert Schweitzer

“Life isn't about waiting
for the storms to pass,
it's about learning to
dance in the rain.”
— Unknown

“Depression is merely anger without enthusiasm.”
Larry the Cable Guy


Welcome to my August newsletter. Here in the Northern Hemisphere we are in the midst of the long, hot dog days of summer. Kids are out of school and probably driving you crazy. That’s one reason why I decided that the focus of this month’s newsletter would be children.

How much what we say and how we say it affects our children; and not only our children, but those we are closest to. So, please read on, because words have power; more than you might realize.

Linda Simmon, C.Ht.
Certified Hypnotherapist and Life Coach

. Sticks and Stones
by Linda Simmon C.Ht.

I’m sure you’ve heard that childhood saying, “Sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me”. THIS IS SO WRONG!

Words have power. Words have so much power that it is possible for them to literally destroy us. Those of you who have lived in an emotionally abusive situation know this better than anyone else. We can heal from physical injuries, but the wounds that are created by hearing hurtful words (especially when those words come from a parent or lover) stay with us for years eating away and corroding our self-image and confidence, causing us to doubt ourselves and our decisions. Forcing us to second guess everything we do and say. Those same hurtful words may even be responsible for debilitating illnesses such as Cancer that we can suffer from later in life.

This is particularly true with children. Up to the age of about six a child's brain wave pattern is almost identical to that of a person under hypnosis. Hypnosis by definition is basically a hyper-suggestible state with access to the subconscious. This is why hypnosis is so effective when changing a behavior pattern or habit is the desired goal. But it also means that young children are particularly suggestible to their surroundings and what they hear.

A perfect example of this power that words can have comes from Dr. Bernie Siegel who quotes a patient of his: “To quote a woman, whose mother only gave her failure messages and dressed her in dark colors, and who as an adult has more trouble with her mother's words than she does with cancer. ‘My mother's words were eating away at me and maybe gave me cancer.’”

You can image how difficult living a life filled with negativity or abuse can be; how much like a victim you can feel. But you can take back control and you can reverse much of the damage that was done. As an adult, you can decide that you are not going to be a victim. Sound too easy? The truth is that it is actually easier than you might believe.

The first step is to acknowledge how strong you really are. You had to be strong. You had to be amazing to live through all that crap that made you feel like a victim in the first place and to keep on going.

The child who survives abuse is amazingly self-reliant and strong. The woman, who has come out of a nasty, abusive relationship and can keep on going, is powerful beyond belief. The man who came from a loveless home and can continue to search for the right relationship and woman to love is strong and sensitive with a big, beautiful heart and so much love to give. And there are hundreds and thousands of stories just like those that show us, each of us, just how powerful we are if we are willing to accept that power and that strength; and that leads to the second step, accepting your power and making the conscious decision to take control of and responsibility for your own thoughts.

Science has given us the capability of being able to look neuro-pathways
at and in the human brain while it is working and to actually see how it is functioning. We are able to watch what happens to the brain as we think different thoughts and visualize different images. Science has taught us that just as we can develop any muscle in our body by “using” it, by working it, so can we develop neuro-pathways within the mind. It is along these neuro-pathways that all thoughts and emotions travel.

Think a negative thought constantly and you develop a neuro pathway for that negative thought that becomes larger, wider and stronger each and every day, eating up those smaller neuro pathways beside it that you have allowed to atrophy. And the same process holds true for what you hear because what you hear evokes an image and a thought. This is why “words” have so much power. You can imagine just how strong that neuro- pathway carrying that negative image must be for the person who has heard the same life-sucking negative words over and over again since childhood.

It becomes crucial for you to take the time and think about what you are saying to your child, wife, husband, lover, friend before you utter those hurtful words that can never be taken back. Once said they are out there forever. Saying you are sorry doesn’t counteract the damage that was done in an instant of self-gratification. And that’s what venting to another person is; don’t ever delude yourself that it is anything more than pure selfish, self-gratification.

Vent when you are alone, scream and yell and swear all you want. But when you are with someone you care about, think before you speak because despite that childhood saying— words can hurt you, words can kill you; and even though you can take control of your thoughts and change the damage that was done, is this something that you want your own children to have to do because of your words? I hope not, and so while you are taking back control of your own thoughts, why not include taking back control of the words you speak, choosing words of love and support whenever you can.

If you are around someone constantly who criticizes you or berates you or even worse, it is important for you to counteract those words and images with thoughts that you and you alone choose and control. For every negative thought or image that either comes into your mind or is forced into your mind by another, take the time to take back control and think one hundred times more about your hopes, dreams and desires. (Please remember hypnosis is the most effective, quickest and enjoyable way to do this by speaking directly to the subconscious where these neuro-pathways run.) Take the time to remember each and every good thing that has happened to you throughout the day, but not only that, throughout your life. Think and dream about your future. Take the time and allow your desires to flow through you.

Also, I’d be negligent here if I didn’t say this: If you are with someone who is abusing you in any way, leave. Remove yourself from that situation and run as far and fast as you can and if you are a woman with children, remember what this is doing to your kids and get them away from it now. I know when you are beaten down it is hard to see any options other than the one you find yourself in. But you are wrong. There are always options out there and there are people and organizations that can help you get away. Make some calls, find out what you can do, call out for help, someone will answer. I will answer if you need me to. But most of all, keep your thoughts strong. Your life literally depends on it.

And now, I want to quote one last story from Dr. Bernie Siegel with a good suggestion for each of us: “One last story and it is hard for me to stop because there is only one thing truer than the truth; a story. Stories change people while statistics give them something to argue about. Erickson (the father of hypnosis) would write in a patient's chart and then excuse himself and leave the room. Of course he expected the patient would get up and go look at what he had written and he wrote, 'Doing well.' So give your family mottoes to live by like: 'Do what makes you happy' so they pay attention to their feelings, and 'Difficulties are God's redirections' so they keep an open mind about the future, and remind your doctor that their words can become swords and like a scalpel kill or cure.

For more information on Dr. Siegel, visit www.BernieSiegelMD.com .

Linda Simmon, C.Ht.


  • Think This Thought to Curb Overeating
    When you lift that forkful of whole-wheat pasta to your mouth, do you think "tasty," or do you think "healthy"? To curb overeating, focus on the mouth appeal. In a recent study, thinking about a food's delicious flavor rather than its nutritional or health-related benefits helped to curb hunger later in the day. Delectable, savory, juicy, crunchy, yummy . . . all good words to have running through your mind when you munch on something healthy.

    That's exactly what people in a study did when they ate a chocolate-raspberry protein bar. And eating the bar with those kinds of thoughts in mind made the morsels much more satisfying than when the study participants thought of the treat as a fiber- and vitamin-packed health bar. Thinking Is Believing.

    Although nothing could be further from the truth, many people mistakenly believe that healthy, low-cal foods simply can't satisfy hunger the way tasty foods can -- and this type of thinking may help explain the study results.

  • The Ultimate Fun Way to Get Fit
    Here's the latest no-way-you-could-possibly-get-bored-while-you-whittle-that-waist workout: dance-based video games. And a recent study confirmed their usefulness. When a group of sedentary, couch-lounging women were put on a computerized dance-video workout program, they were transformed into active, get-up-and-go devotees.

    Sedentary postmenopausal women who spent three weeks exercising to computerized programs that combined dance-based aerobics with interactive video-game elements became quick and active fans, noting the fun, convenience, and mental and physical challenges the games provided. And in the end, the women's coordination improved.

    If you're in the low-tech camp or you don't have the cash for electronic gadgets and games, no problem. Try popping a dance-based exercise video into your DVD player instead. And give these other inexpensive addict-me-to-exercise tricks a try, too:

      • Don't sweat it.
      • Do it at home.
      • Add music.
  • 20 Minutes to Less Stress, More Memory
    Two of our favorite stress reducers are laughing and meditating. But there are times when you just can't muster up a hearty chuckle. On the other hand, you can meditate at will. No mountaintops, daylong retreats, or full lotus positions required. All you need is a quiet place.

    That's one reason we're such avid fans of meditation. Another: Its benefits go far beyond relaxation. For starters, regularly quieting your mind maintains your brain cells and tunes up your memory. [By the way, hypnosis gives you the same benefit as meditation and complete relaxation with the added benefit of adding in positive suggestions that you choose to change a behavior pattern or habit or anything you want!]

There's now new evidence of this:

    • University of North Carolina researchers gave students 20-minute quickie meditation classes for four days (similar to the Stress Free Now program on 360-5.com, run by Dr. Mike's home base, Cleveland Clinic). Then they compared their mental test scores to students in a control group.

      Everyone's moods improved, but those who took the meditation training scored significantly better on critical mental skills, like memory and the ability to pay attention. Find out how meditation helps lower blood pressure, too.

Feeling distracted? Quieting your mind does wonders for concentration, too. The meditators' ability to focus was 10 times higher than participants in the control group who listened to 20 minutes of a good recorded book for four days. A good book may be a mood booster, but it doesn't do a thing for wandering minds. Intrigued?

You can start right now. Just sit with your eyes partially closed and focus on breathing slowly and deeply, in through your nose, out through your mouth. Repeating a word (“om” or "one" are easy) helps relax your mind. No secret mantra needed.

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